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Design Mine is a digital graphic design firm offering top creative collaboration to our clients.

Our Specialties include:
  • website creation • database programming/administration
  • website hosting • security applications
  • website maintenance • highly scalable applications
  • web programming (HTML, ASP, PHP) • networking and administration
  • email marketing and newsletters • multi-user business systems
  • e-commerce • Apple, Microsoft, Unix, large systems
  • financial transactions • analysis and recommendation to full implementation
  • search engine optimization

Ann H. Dockendorf, Design Mine Ann H. Dockendorf
   An artist at heart, Ann combines strong analytic and organizational skills with her eye for color and design. Under her leadership, Design Mine has grown from a one-person desktop publishing printwork consulting business into a network of web designers and specialists exhibiting high professional and personal quality and integrity. The Vegetarian Gourmet, Santa Barbara Youth Theatre, and Lety Garcia are just a few of Ann's original designs.
Debra Richardson Rose
   A 1996 Olympian, Deb owns and directs Webbness, a design company targeting small to medium-sized businesses. Her focus and commitment as an athlete combine with her technical and design skills, enabling her to target the Internet as a primary tool for entrepreneurs and small companies. See Your Memories represents some of Deb's work for Design Mine.
Debra Rose, Webbness

Michael S. Dockendorf

Michael S. Dockendorf
To maximize the marketing potential of a website, database integration is vital. Mike leads our team of programmers and database designers in solving project-specific challenges. His background in online financial transactions defines his expertise in security applications and business systems.
   Other team members' experience encompasses everything from writing simple utilities to streamlining e-commerce sites, providing flexibility for multiple options. Like the webpage designers, this solution-oriented programming team has other resources to call on for almost any application. Site collaborations include Leather Accessories and BEI Industrial Encoders.

Search Engine Optimization

A website's rankings are heightened when Carla's expertise is deployed. Her optimizing task begins with detailed research of the particular market being targeted. Then she guides the client through the compilation of keywords and meta descriptions. Carla works closely with the site's designer to integrate her recommendations and track the changes, verifying their effectiveness. Search Engine Optimization requires ongoing tracking and adjusting of webpages in order to stay current with the newest logarithms and rules that change weekly. But her careful attention pays off in higher web visibility, as for Motion Control Systems and See Your Memories .



Often we are asked if there is room for web designers and programmers just starting out, and we reply with a resounding YES! Design Mine encourages new web professionals to learn and practice as much as they can, in classes, through networking associations, and on their own projects. We are glad to share information and encouragement in this diverse and multi-level field ~ there is bountiful work and ideas for everyone to develop, with quality and style!

   If you are interested in having Design Mine develop your online presence, please contact us. We would be glad to offer a proposal for the desired work or to refer you to one of our partners.



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